Leef DeLeven

Campaign, programmatic brand campaign

How do you engage the ever hard-to-reach Gen Z for a low interest health care service and revitalize the #deleven theme? Well, by letting Gen Z create the campaign for Gen Z.

KPN Goals Gif.gif


Internal campaign, incentive program,
employee branding & Toko production

How do you give your end of year sales a boost? With engaging football magician and motivator Soufiane Touzani in the lead all #GOALS have been met.


King of the day & queen of night

Brand design, positioning, programmatic brand campaign & Toko production

How do you launch a fitness program in an oversaturated and aggressive sports market? By making it approachable and fit to your needs. Combining the best of fitness and boxing for a fun and balanced program.

Hammond SFX.gif

What's next?

Brand campaign

How do you make a boring internal stakeholder communications campaign on LeasePlan’s authority in the automotive leasing industry, a little bit less boring? By creating a global campaign film, on a Hollywood filmset – with flying cars.

Blooming People NoLogo2.gif

Blooming People

Brand positioning, brand design, corporate identity.

How do you create a brand in the recruitment industry that’s mostly about fast money and moving resources – not people? By putting the interest of people at the heart of everything.

KPN groeimasters.gif


Internal campaign, incentive program, employee branding & Toko Production

How do you create a summer boost for your sales team that incentivizes accelerated growth (sorry for the marketing gibberish)? By turning rowing into growing for KPN ‘Groeimasters’, sport inspired theme.

Selector Perfector.gif

Next to new car factory

Programmatic launch campaign

With our Package Design service, our creative team takes the time to understand your brand and finds the most effective way to convey that to your audience. From strategy to implementation, we’ve got the answer.

WaveMakers HKU.gif


Positioning, programmatic brand campaign, design, brand movie, social strategy, social content & Toko production

How do you promote a new pool of theatre grad students from the HKU Arts Academy Utrecht, when all theaters are closed? By showing the resilience of future 'wavemakers', that can keep their head above water despite all obstacles and make waves when necessary.

KPN Binnenpret.gif



Internal campaign, incentive program, employee branding & Toko production

How do you keep your staff motivated during lockdown after months of working at home? With an engaging living room performance from lockdown DJ Horace.

Doritos Play bold.gif


Digital influencer campaign & production

How do you ensure that youngsters keep Doritos top of mind? By linking Doritos to gaming and gamifying all content - even the chips themselves. #playbold


Time for...

Positioning, Global brand campaign, Social content.

How do you reposition – one of the largest meal delivery services in Europe? By making sure it’s always time for, no matter what you fancy.

Knab Stairs.gif

The first subscription bank

Repositioning & integrated relaunch campaign

How do we save a bank, when the financial world is in a turmoil?
By shifting the revenue model and focusing on ZZP'ers. 

Oiko Credit Malawi Wall painting.gif


Made in Malawi

Integrated campaign, platform creation & PR

How to show that microcredit really works? By creating a campaign for microcredit, made with microcredit. We asked three creatives from Malawi, the poorest country in the world, to start their own agency and create our advertising campaign.

Reddy App.gif

True taste

Digital influencer campaign, app developent

How do you reposition sunflower oil, when everybody cooks with olive oil? By creating a campaign with a kitchen on wheels and a kick-ass app that tells you where to get fresh ingredients, right from the farm.

Scotch Story Site.gif

Story of things

Digital PR campaign, production

You’ve probably heard living the brand.
Scotch & Soda let’s you experience exactly that via Airbnb,
for their new fashion campaign.

Doritos Jacked.gif

Jacked streetrace

Digital influencer campaign

Doritos jacked is all about hijacking life changing moments of youngsters. At age 16, you’re finally allowed to drive a moped in the Netherlands.

How about pimping moped microcars, originally intended for the elderly and organize a Fast ‘n Furious street race, with 3 rap artists and increase sales with 24% along the way?

Sewa Skate Flips.gif


Make your do come through

Influencer campaign & PR

How do you promote laptops designed for both leisure and work?
By dramatising this contrast with influencers who made work of their passions.

Doritos Rijschool.gif

Driving school

Digital brand campaign, Influencer Campaign, Original content.

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