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Spicing up brands

Toko has over 15 years of experience creating memorable work for big and small brands at the crossroads of advertising, visual branding, content creation, performance marketing and innovation. With a strong track record in the field: Gold Effie Award, Gold Esprix Award and Gold Spin Award. 

Now embarking on this new and exciting adventure called Toko Agency. Serving you anything from tasty content, white lable prototyping or cutting edge service design. Hayaaa!

Awesome sauce...
But why Toko?

Well, it’s no secret that we share a great passion for food. And we both happen to have oriental ancestry. Story has it, the Thé family started a well known Toko in Java, back in 1910. Anyway, "Toko" is Indonesian for shop. It’s your exotic neighborhood store that’s one big melting pot of culture, flavor and off-the-shelf brands. It's this variety that gives spice to life and to our world. And something we like to embrace in what we do: Spice up your brand.

Marv Profiel.png

Marvin The

Founder - Creative Director 

Marvin The or The Marvin? Yes… “The” is my last name. You can call me Marvin the hybrid creative. Marvin the all round creative. Marvin the Art Director. Marvin the Digital Creative. Marvin the Brand builder. Marvin the content creator. Marvin the Gif Specialist. Or just Marvin The (pronounced as a "T"). Fun fact: You can even find it in our brand Toko "the" Agency.

Daniel Profiel.png

Daniel Porcedda

Creative Producer - Director

Always looking for the balance between storytelling and the brand story. Started as a filmmaker in the music industry. Then ran his own content production company for 6 years. And also responsible for a number of years as Creative Director at RoQ'nRolla music.

Rox Profiel.png

Rox Patawala

Creative Producer - Project Manager

Straight outta Enschede and now residing in Haarlem. We introduce our powerhouse project manager and energetic producer, dedicated to orchestrating the success of our audiovisual projects. Her boundless energy and creative problem-solving abilities make her a cornerstone of our team, as she fearlessly tackles challenges head-on.


Twan Hillebrand

Creative - Social content manager - Project Manager

Social Content Manager and creative dynamo. By day, he crafts captivating digital stories, while by night, he transforms into a DJ, setting beats on fire. Twan doesn't just manage content; he curates experiences with a blend of creativity and strategy, leaving a lasting impression. 

Aaron Profile.png

Aaron Wiafe-Ababio

Creative - Social content manager - Project Manager

Our calm and collective project manager. He keeps a sharp overview on the the team and his projects. On weekends he spends lots of time with his family, plays sports such as football, basketball, loves his Manga and does a little drawing on the side.


Quinton Dallie

Editor & Camera operator

Our talented editor who goes beyond the pixels. A master at crafting stories that captivate, Quinton seamlessly blends creativity with technical expertise. All adding up to his motto: "The man who enjoys to walk always walks further than the man who enjoys the destination." When he's not perfecting video rhythms, you'll catch him immersed in his Shiba Inu charm.



Wesley Chin

Camera - Edit

The imaginative force behind Toko's creativity, is currently making waves as an intern. During the day, he's crafting visually stunning content. As the sun sets, Wesley's off to explore the magical realms of Anime, thinkering & Gaming. Wesley's weekends bring a different flavor as he works at one of Toko's favorit brands: Amazing Oriental.

Tijmen Braafheid Profile.png

Tijmen Braafheid

Camera - Edit

Meet our youngest team member. He crafts socially engaging edits with artistic finesse through Adobe and Blender. Off-duty, Tijmen ignites his passion even more with his love for analogue videocamera's. With Tijmen onboard, expect nothing short of social dynamic creativity 🔥


  • EFFIE Gold - Doritos #playbold

  • Effie Bronze - Danone

  • Esprix Gold - Doritos Stunt Driving School

  • Esprix Bronze - Doritos Jacked Straatrace

  • Esprix Bronze - Doritos Stunt Driving School

  • Esprix Silver - Doritos #playbold

  • FWA Site of the day - Doritos #playbold

  • FWA Site of the day - Doritos Jacked Streetrace

  • FWA app of the day - Reddy Buitenmarkt app

  • Gold WGSN future award - Scotch & Soda x AirBnB

  • Bronze SAP Quality Award - Leaseplan What’s Next?

  • ADCN Finalist - Meldpunt kinderporno Blokken dus

  • ADCN Finalist - Doritos Stunt Driving School

  • ADCN Finalist - Doritos Streetrace 

  • San Accent - Oikocredit Made in Malawi

  • Spin Award - Doritos #playbold

  • San Accent - Leaseplan What's next?

  • San Accent - Koninklijke Landmacht

  • San Accent - Knab Bank in jouw voordeel

  • San Accent - Hero Samen met de natuur

  • San Accent - Oikocredit Made in Malawi

  • Gouden Loeki Finalist - Stivoro

  • Magneet - Landmacht

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