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We are

A creative marketing agency with a unique in-house content production unit and a strong appetite for campaigning, branding & digital storytelling.

Spicing up brands and boosting businesses through ideas that add flavor to people's lives and impact culture.



Toko's secret hot sauce

Forget about the traditional agency model. We are your local flexible creative shop, with a kitchen full of seasoned specialists.

At Toko we like to create and produce creative content in-house. As creative chefs we oversee the quality of work, from start to finish. Making sure whatever we dish out is not only tasty, but also of the highest quality.

In the true spirit of Toko, everyone is welcome, from small to big brands. Just give us a shout if there's anything we can spice up for your business. 

Fresh work


Anderzorg - Leef DeLeven

Campaign, programmatic brand campaign

How do you engage the ever hard-to-reach Gen Z for a low interest health care service and revitalize the #deleven theme? Well, by letting Gen Z create the campaign for Gen Z.

Our Services


Toko Thinks

Every winning recipe starts with a great idea. We do brand strategy with design thinking. Because we believe that data is never the whole story.

Toko Creates

Together with our seasoned specialists we cook up tasty and delicious looking creative content. Anything from digital storytelling to service design. Catering both the on- and offline world.

Toko Produces

We value not only how a dish tastes, but also how it looks. That’s why Toko loves to produce creative content in-house. Efficient with value for money. So, it's a win-win!


You’ve got 99 problems — we can solve every one.

Get in touch if you want to know more about how we can boost your business or spice up your brand.

Just drop us a message, call our very hot-line, or drop by for a Bintang or coffee Toebroek anytime. Kampai!

Toko Agency very hot-line: +31 6 34 00 44 33

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