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Brand development

At Toko Agency, we don't settle for makeovers; we craft true culinary masterpieces for brands. With thoughtful strategy and creative finesse, we bring the essence of your brand to life, like an unforgettable dish that's not just recognizable but irresistible.


It goes beyond branding; it's tastefully creating a legend that captivates the senses, from the first encounter to long after.


What we do

Our brand building services


Brand strategy

Positioning is like showing off your brand's true flavours. We're all about making sure your brand not only rocks its authentic vibe but also stands out big time with a unique proposition that turns heads and connects with your crowd.



Positioning is about unveiling the authentic flavours of your brand. At Toko Agency, we specialise in making your brand shine with a distinctive proposition that captures attention and leaves a lasting impression.


Visual identity

We whip up logos, typography, colors, and other visual goodies that make your brand one-of-a-kind. For us, it's all about crafting visuals that set your brand apart from the rest.

How we work

0001 Explore

We dive into your aspirations, navigate the market intricacies, and unravel the unique challenges and opportunities that shape your brand.

0002 Strategy

We steer the brand ship, establishing clear goals and crafting a distinctive value proposition that sets your brand apart.

0003 Creation

This is where strategy takes a visual form. We unleash creativity to craft a visual identity that resonates seamlessly with your brand's purpose.

0004 Creation

Whether it's a website redesign, a campaign launch, or crafting brand-centric content, we ensure your brand communicates consistently and persuasively across every touchpoint.

0005 Creative allies

As your brand's dynamic creative allies, we're committed to the journey. Together, we ensure your brand not only evolves and grows but also forges enduring connections with the next generation.

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